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I'm Joanna, because that's my given name. I'm Spacegirl, because I did a physics and astronomy degree (in Durham). However, I don't plan to become an astronaut... Right now, I'm in Manchester, working in network support in a sixth form college. You may also know me as J'au-æmne...

I was born in 1981 on a Friday March 13th; whether this says a lot about me I can't be sure, still, I say I consider 13 my lucky number, not that I have any evidence for this.

I have lots of likes and quite irrational dislikes. For example, I dislike the River Mersey, because it scares me. However, I like star trek, the hubble space telescope, h2g2, strawberries, singing as much as possible all of the time and almost all kinds of classical music bar vienese waltzes, some kinds of pop music, pretending to play the piano, and the internet in general.

I'm going out with Andy. He's an important part of my life right now, so he deserves a mention too. :)

Random: I didn't lose my mind; it was mine to give away. - hannah
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